Workshops and Training


Yin and Yoga Nidra with Kaye02/122:00pm - 3:00pm€13
Vagus Nerve Somatic Workshop02/125:00pm - 7:00pm€250
Reiki Level 103/1010:00am - 5:00pm€175 total cost
€50 deposit
yin yoga practice at River HolisticYin Yoga with Alex05/127:30pm -8:30pm€15
Unwind and Breathe Class08/127:30pm - 8:30pm€15
Parents First Aid Course09/1210:00am - 12:00pm€60 per person
€100 per couple
Shamanic Healing Circle09/123:30pm - 5:30pm€17
Winter Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop10/1211:00am - 1:00pm€35
womens circle @ river holisticWomen’s Circle15/128:00pm - 9:00pm€18
Restorative Yoga Workshop17/128:00pm - 9:30pm€25


yin yoga practice at River HolisticYin Yoga with Alex05/017:30pm - 8:30pm€15
transformative breathwork workshops at River HolisticTransformative Breathwork Workshop12/017:30pm - 9:30pm€30
Touch for Health13-14/019:30am - 5:30pm€300
Shamanic Healing Circle20/013:30pm - 5:30pm€17
Baby and Daddy Massage21/0112:00pm - 2:00pm€30
cacao ceremony @riverholisticCacao Ceremony26/017:30pm - 9:30pm€35
Vagus Nerve Somatic Workshop27/015:00pm - 7:00pm€250


Unwind and Breathe Class02/02 7:30pm - 8:30pm€15
Fertility Reflexology Course03-04/0210:00am - 5:00pm
Both Days
€320 Full Price
€57 deposit required to secure space
Touch for Health10-11/029:30am - 5:30pm
Both Days
Shamanic Healing Circle17/023:30pm - 5:30pm€17
cacao ceremony @riverholisticCacao Ceremony23/027:30pm - 9:30pm€40
Pellowah TrainingPellowah Training24-25/0210am to 6pm
Both Days
(Fully Booked)
Taking names April Course


Unwind and Breathe Class01/037:30pm - 8:30pm€15
Touch for Health09-10/039:30am - 5:30pm
Both Days
cacao ceremony @riverholisticCacao Ceremony29/037:30pm - 9:30pm€40
Shamanic Healing Circle30/033:30pm - 5:30pm€17


Unwind and Breathe Class05/047:30pm - 8:30pm€15
Touch for Health13-14/049:30am - 5:30pm
Both Days
cacao ceremony @riverholisticCacao Ceremony19/047:30pm - 9:30pm€40
Pellowah TrainingPellowah Training20-21/0410:00 - 17:00
yin yoga practice at River HolisticYin Yoga with Alex26/047:30pm - 8:30pm€17
Shamanic Healing Circle27/043:30pm - 5:30pm€17