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Your New Holistic Home

River Holistic came to life with the vision of creating a Holistic Home for both clients and therapists alike.

I believe I have created just that.  I have the honour of hosting some of the best therapists, teachers and trainers this country has to offer and all under one roof.
So if you are looking to find balance, restore your mind, body, soul and feel like you are coming home every time you enter our doors; then I can not wait to welcome you home soon.



Meet the Founder

I would like to introduce myself to those that I have not had the pleasure to meet. My name is Claire and I am the owner and manager here at River Holistic. I opened this safe haven in 2013 as I saw a need to create a space where you can come to find balance in your everyday life.

I first fell in awe of Complementary therapies by watching my Mother learn and become one of the most compassionate therapists I have ever met. She taught me the importance of realising that we are all on our own journey and sometimes need a helping hand along the way. This is the role of any therapist, a compass, a journal, a listening ear and sometimes your reminder that it is okay not be okay and need a little help.

I became a full time, self employed holistic therapist at 20 and it is still my truest passion, I specialised in Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology and also general Reflexology. Although I no longer work directly with clients, I am always at the end of an email or phone call to discuss the best options for you here at River.

I adore to teach and watch my students love for Reflexology and Business ignite. I truly believe that we are all students in life and I am constantly researching and gaining knowledge in all fields that will make your time here truly unique.

I am blessed to host some of the best self employed therapists and teachers in the country and I am honoured to share their love for the holistic approach to life.

I am always at the end of an email or private message, so don’t be shy and let me help you make your time at River the best time spent.



Our Ethos

Holistic Health is an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body. This ancient approach to well-being considers the whole person and how they, via their life-style, interacts with their environment.

Holistic Health emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit in harmony with one another. 

At River Holistic Centre, you will hear us talk about holistic Health as an ongoing process – as a lifestyle, consisting of a personal commitment from you to be in continuous movement toward the “best end” of the wellness continuum. 

This is the ethos which guides us here at River Holistic Centre, an oasis in one of Dublin’s oldest villages in its own harmony with the ebb and flow of commuter land.

We exist to provide the highest standards of care to all of our clients.  Personalised treatments are focused on getting you to the best of what you can achieve at any one time on the continuum of managing your well-being.

River Holistic prides itself on being the one place that you can find a way to help you on your journey of health and well being


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