Sinus Combo Treatment

This treatment is good for anyone who suffers with sinus, hay fever, swimmers ear, congestion, excess ear wax, or headache?

This could be the treatment for you!

The treatment begins with a relaxing ear candling session followed by lymph drainage face massage and a head massage to ease tension.

Ear candles have been used since ancient times by the Native Americans, they are made from beeswax and are a natural way to remove wax or rebalance the pressure between ears, nose and throat. They can also remove excess ear wax.
A lymphatic drainage face massage is performed to help with draining the lymphatic system and promote relaxation.
Followed by a head massage to ease any tension in the scalp and head.

Please note that there can be a wait list to get an appointment for this treatment.Β  Call reception to enquire for availability
Treatment Costs:

Tuesday 3pm to 9pm