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Ruth Allen utilises a ethical mix of modalities such as Free Association, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy and Pin Point Analysis to bring about the best results for clients.

This allows brief solution focused therapy to be done in accordance with evidence based best practice. I use an integrated approach so my clients can benefit from the vast array of techniques I am qualified in.As a Hypno-Psychotherapist I provide clinical therapeutic hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy services for anxiety disorders, trauma, PTSD, depression, obesity, pain management, self esteem, addictions and a range of psychosomatic disorders.

I practice Modern Hypnotherapy, a person-centred psychotherapy which employs guided visualisation to achieve an altered state of consciousness called trance.  This altered state is characterized by an increase in focus and concentration.  In this state of heightened awareness I help clients bring about the changes that they wish to make in their lives.  

By bringing the sub-conscious mind, which is often a source of inner conflict, to an understanding of what the Client wishes to consciously achieve. It is possible to harness the full mind and direct it towards the required goals and positive change.

Suggestion therapy: Rapid and effective – requires approximately 1-3 sessions. Used for problems such as Fears & Phobias, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Confidence etc. During your session, I will record a solution focused audio for your specific goals. Your unique personalised audio is designed to reinforce the changes that you have made. Creating new neural pathways within the brain.

Hypno-Analysis / Psychotherapy: Excellent for anxiety. This is a much deeper level of therapy. Hypno-analysis finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it, giving lasting release. This doctrine is called “Cause and Effect”. Analysis reveals the cause; when found the cause of a problem or symptom can then be resolved in the mind and consequently relieves the symptom. Emotional problems respond particularly well to Hypno-psychotherapy and analysis. The objective of analysis is to bring you to a moment of liberating enlightenment. You can be fairly confident that a release will be obtained, usually within eight to twelve sessions. In these cases we are talking about a complete and lasting release.

I use a wide variety of eclectic techniques, both Hypnotherapeutic and Psychotherapeutic, so that my client’s do not have to adapt to the therapy, rather I adapt to the client’s presenting problem.The service I offer is safe and strictly confidential.

Everyone is different. I personalise the service to you.

Get in touch today and together we can find the best solution for you.

Mindfulness, Vipassana, Thought Stopping, Eye Movement Desensitising & Reprocessing (EMDR), Breathing Techniques, Calming & Relaxing Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).Services Available

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