​OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine

About the course

The Dorothy Kelly Academy of Reflexology is the only school located in Belfast, Northern Ireland (NI) and in Dublin, Ireland to have been selected to be a Partnership Centre with CREA/Centralia and to offer the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine. This is the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK. Integrated Medicine is about recognising the importance of the whole person whilst exploring the relevance of other Health Professionals including Medicine as well as lifestyle factors.
This course is open to anyone interested in Reflexology Training.
There is no requirement to have any previous knowledge of Reflexology or any previous training. Everyone is guided from the basics right through to completion by all the tutors.
Throughout your training you will be learning and helping to empower your clients to actively engage in all aspects of their own health. This is a unique approach provided by the Level 5 course compared to other schools in the province of NI who teach Reflexology at Diploma Level 3.
There is 163 hours of face to face teaching throughout the course which enhances student learning and supports the practical application of reflexology techniques.
This course will offer the opportunity to upgrade your qualification to a full university degree upon completion of your initial training.

This course provides 120 credits and 8 units that are mapped to National Occupational Standards and the Reflexology Core Curriculum and
the credits are transferable to further university study.
It is recognised by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). Whilst Irish Students can join the Irish Reflexologists Institute (IRI). Both organisations are the best known and respected professional Reflexology membership organisations in the UK and Ireland. They provide advice, information services and ongoing educational programmes.

All eight course units of which 7 are Level 5 and 1 unit is Level 6 provide Evidence Based Practice including theories and research topics which are assigned to the Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine Sector and are 100% specific to becoming a Professional Integrated Medicine Reflexologist.
The units are also recognised in Europe as the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales is registered with the European Qualifications Framework. The Bologna agreement and the setting up of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) were all put in place so that each European Country could set up regulated qualifications for themselves and cross reference standards via the EQF. Furthermore, those students who are thinking of emigrating to Australia can be assured that the Reflexology Association of Australian have a receiprocal arrangement with the membership body AoR and those qualified at Level 5 with full AoR membership will be accepted and recognised as Reflexologists without further assessments being requested.

This Reflexology training Academy, enables people from all backgrounds to learn Reflexology and become fully qualified as Level 5 Reflexologists.
Once qualified, there is continual support for our graduates with specialist training or opportunities to attend CPD – Continual Professional Development. The Academy ethos is based on the strong belief that learning a ‘hands on therapy’ needs to involve personal tuition, so none of our courses are taught online, and a large proportion of class time is devoted to practical tuition. With all the Reflexology course material taught by the principal Dorothy Kelly assisted by Fiona Magill, Beulah Keane and the A&P taught by fellow course tutor David Kelly.

Course description:

You will be glad to read that there are no exams!
As you progress through the course you will be continually assessed in the practical and theoretical aspects.
You should however, allow approximately ten to twelve hours per week to work on home assignments which will include detailed case study work.
You will be provided with a recommended reading list at the beginning of the course and you will have exclusive access to the secure student area on this website.
Classes are held one weekend per month over a period of approx 11 months. Each day runs from 9.30am to 6.00pm approx with a lunch break and a short tea/coffee break morning and afternoon.


Teaching methods:

The educational aims are to develop the in-depth knowledge and skill required to provide safe and effective treatments.
The following methods are used:
Lectures and visual aids in the classroom.
Detailed demonstrations and practice of techniques.
Detailed handouts and workbooks for each student.
Supervised practice and individual practical experience.
Open discussion periods with course tutor.
Monitored home assignments.
Continuous assessment by course tutor of the development of personal qualities required of a professional practitioner.
Course Class size – will never be greater than 14 students. This allows for monitoring of individual progress and development along with on going support in and out of the classroom. So to avoid disappointment, early booking is recommended.


Course Entrance Requirements:

☼ Applicants must be 18 years or over.
☼ Have an adequate level of written and spoken English ☼ Have sufficient ability to perform reflexology techniques ☼ Have AoR or IRI Reflexology Student Membership within four weeks of starting the course and registration with the the Awarding Body and Centralia/CREA.
☼There is no ‘academic’ requirement for entry onto this course nor is it necessary to have completed any other reflexology course. However, the course is quite demanding (it is level 5), so we do ask for hard work and determination.
Egilibility is dependent upon academic ability, life skills, work skills and experiences.
All applicants are expected to attend an Interview/Zoom meeting following submission of an Expression of Interest Form, to ensure that full information related to course content, course requirements, level and coverage of subject matter and content are provided and understood, before a formal offer of acceptance is given. Decision of acceptance or otherwise by the course Principal will be final.
Failure to disclose any condition which might impinge on the ability to satisfactorily complete the course in the required time period may result in ejection from the course.

☼All coursework is submitted by e-mail, so you need to be able to use a word processing program and know how to attach files to an e-mail. If you don’t know how to do either of these, attending a basic computer course at your local college prior to starting our course would be highly recommended.

Evidence of Achievement 

You will be required to show achievement of a range of relevant learning outcomes and assessment:
• Four practical assessments
Plus Specific conditions practical assessments
• Presentation of Case studies
• Portfolio of Evidence

There is no final written examination. You will prepare, under the guidance of the course tutors, a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you have covered the syllabus and achieved all the required learning outcomes.
Excellence in Reflexology Training is our business. Our passion is directed not only at this excellence in training but also at ensuring that our students and their clients receive the best support available.

Class Trainer

dorothy kelly level 5 reflexology diploma teacher
Dorothy Kelly

Is the Prinicpal of the Academy, Dorothy has a background in the NHS with 46 years, working at management level both in primary and secondary care. She is a highly qualified Reflexologist and Naturopathic Consultant of 19+ years experience and is a notable local trainer, achieving the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DiEAT) to ensure professional teaching of CPD and the Level 5 course while continuing in her private practice clinics in Belfast and Dromore .
Her Fertility Course is the first standalone course to be approved by CThA as well as recognised by FHT in the UK.

Dorothy has a strong desire to raise the profile and standard of Reflexology in Ireland and has facilitated CPD courses by other notable reflexology educators from the mainland providing up to date relevant post graduate training over the past few years.

Course Dates

September 9th and 10th

10:00am – 5:00pm

1 weekend a month *12

Full course €3704

Deposit €456