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Niamh Campbell Lee

Niamh Campbell Lee

I’m Niamh and I love to teach Hatha Yoga, incorporating simple, beautiful elements to each of my classes, such as essential oils, music, and incense.  And also, having FUN while doing it!I first fell in love with yoga when I was pregnant with my first beautiful little girl 10 years ago.  I remember thinking why have I not done this before.  I now have 2 beautiful girls who I love and cherish and a super supportive husband who has been cheering me all the way on this yoga journey I’ve been on, especially over the last 2 years. 

My work background is in the Social Care field and I have worked in the homeless sector for the last 18 years, with both adults and children.  This field is fast paced, emotional, demanding, high pressure and so it is essential to have tools to look after yourself to avoid burnout, stress and feeling overwhelmed.  I would like to say that I have always worked hard at my self care but the truth is that work life has at times gotten the better of me. 

When the pandemic hit 2 years ago, I really saw the impact first hand of frontline staff and clients.  Working every day frontline to serve those who needed us most, had an impact both negative and positive.It was during the pandemic when I decided I want and need to do something that can benefit me day to day, that can be my happy space and that I can bring to others. 

In December 2020, I was accepted to join my 200 Hatha Yoga course with Barefoot Yoga Studio and I graduated in January 2022.  This was a journey of self-discovery, of love and of gratitude.  My tutors and fellow classmates really bonded and supported each other to reach our full potential.  The journey helped me to dive deeper into myself, to really listen to what my body and soul needs.  Yoga has helped me to slow down, to breathe and has helped with my monkey mind.  I have been lucky to have been teaching in Glasnevin since March of this year, where we take the time to connect to our mind, body and soul through breathwork, movement and meditation and now I can offer it here at River Holistic.  I love to bring fun and laughter into my classes and to not take it all so seriously.  All our bodies are different and no two bodies will look the same in any pose and that is the beauty of Yoga.   

My hatha yoga classes are a gentle practice and each week we move between a different series of poses to help build strength, balance and flexibility.  We spend time focusing on our breath, meditation and relaxation to help reduce stress and calm a busy mind.  I love to incorporate Yoga Nidra meditation into my class and when we are experiencing a Full Moon, we set intentions and let go of any negativity and things that no longer serve us.  No previous experience is required and this is a beautiful class for beginners.

My contact details: DM @yoga_with_niamh Email : yogawithniamh2022@gmail.com Phone: 086-3351473

Classes are held on Mondays at 8pm