Martina Murray

I’m Marina Murray and I teach Vinyasa Style Yoga.
I have been practicing yoga for the past ten years , some years more , some less, depending on life’s journey but always have been drawn back to the practice. Initially I attended yoga classes for the physical aspect thinking the class would be a good workout . Slowly over time I began to feel the many benefits of this ancient practice and believe yoga is nourishing for the body, mind and soul while being accessible to all. I completed my Yoga Teacher training in The Yoga Lounge, Raheny.  We all have many roles to play in our lives, many demands, Yoga , through movement , breath and stillness can provide a space to just  Be.

Vinyasa Yoga Slow

Vinyasa Yoga Flow @river holistic

What is it?

In this Vinyasa Yoga Flow class you will learn a series of postures that are linked together with the breath. You will be guided through each posture with plenty of beginner friendly options helping you to understand the sequencing and alignment of each pose. You will build strength and flexibility through exploring your own personal practice. By cultivating a mindful awareness of body, breath, and mind, you will create a powerful connection to your own personal practice. 


Please bring your own yoga mat

Class times and bookings

Yoga Flow with Martina runs on Tuesdays at 6:10pm to 7:10pm Wednesday at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

To book Call / Text Martina on 0877458426 Or email