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Mairead Smith

Mairead Smith

What can I do for you?

Do you feel burnt out, overworked, stressed, in pain and with no time to look after yourself?
Twelve years ago something happened that changed my life forever. I used to work in an office; spending hours in front of a computer, suffering from low back and shoulder pain, to such a point that my neck would seize up. I had to pay regular visits to a chiropractor who finally decided to refer me to a Neuromuscular Therapist! Not only did she help release and relax my shoulders, neck and back through clever body work, she also looked at my postural alignment and helped me change my health for the better. I was so amazed with the result that I decided to become a Neuromuscular Therapist myself and
realise my dream of helping people. Since then, I have never looked back.

I am a Certified NTC – Neuromuscular Therapist, with the National Training Centre, Dublin, since 2011.
Neuromuscular Therapy is designed to sooth soft tissue pain by creating a flow of oxygen to knotted, tender muscles. Neuromuscular Physical Therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. This medically-oriented form of massage addresses trigger points (tender muscles points), circulation, nerve compression, postural issues and bio-mechanical problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries. It is very effective in assessing pain and treating injury or discomfort in the body.
Now more than ever people are hunched up over a computer all day, or sat down for too long during working hours at home or on their commute, not to mention the demands of home life. Even if you’re active, sports injuries can flare up time and time again.
People come to me with joint and muscle pains, muscle tightness, chronic headaches, if they are recovering from injuries or purely to help de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. I have successfully helped clients to be more energised, mobile, pain free, stress free, relaxed and rejuvenated. I love helping and treating people just like you! A Massage Therapists listens with their hands and their hearts.

Contact me and see what I can do for you?
Available Tuesday and Thursdays, Call 0873172759 or email marmaladeeire@yahoo.co.uk.

Treatments include:-
 Back & Shoulders Massage – For those who work at a computer or desk for long periods, or who suffer from headaches and jaw pain.
 Postural Alignment Assessment – Core Postural Alignment encourages the return to a more physiological efficient posture by correcting the primary alignment of the body. This will be an hour long with the assessment taking ½ hour and ½ hour neuromuscular treatment.
 Neuromuscular Treatment & Massage – NMT consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle pain.
 Full Body Massage – Very effective for a variety of conditions, Including arthritis, lower back pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, circulatory problems and recovery from sports injury. Ending with a gentle head and a face massage helps relieve stress, can also help insomnia, fatigue, headaches, sinusitis and migraines.

Each treatment is 1 hour long and costs €70.00 each.

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