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Lee Ni Chinneide

Lee Ni Chinneide

Lee Ni Chinneide

Lee Ni Chinneide Lic. ISH., ISHom has run a busy practice in Galway and Dublin since 2003.  She is a registered member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths and has acted as mentor for new graduates from both the Galway and Dublin Schools of Homeopathy.  Lee graduated from the Irish School of Homeopathy in 2004.  During her time there Lee also completed a 2 year course in Pathology and Disease and a one year course in Anatomy and Physiology.  Lee is mother to 4 children and since 1992 has raised them on Homeopathy, without needing to resort to antibiotics, Calpol etc!

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that has been around for over 200 years.  It works by stimulating the immune system to heal itself – Thereby any illness can be treated, whether it is physical (from skin disease, asthma, Hayfever, IBS, migraines, to more serious issues), mental / emotional / behavioral (depression, ADD/ADHD, stress/anxiety, OCD etc).  Homeopathy is safe to take at any stage in life and throughout her years in practice Lee has worked deeply in the area of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth and has acted as a Homeopathic Doula for many couples in Dublin and Galway both at home and hospital births.  Lee works closely with children and is involved in a Special Needs Clinic in Dublin, helping children with Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc.  Lee also works with parents and children / teenagers who are experiencing difficulties with behavior and communication.

Lee is passionate about homeopathy and helping to empower people to maintain a healthy, happy and stress free lifestyle.  “Since 1992 I have used Homeopathy as the primary health care for myself and my family.  When my eldest daughter was diagnosed with a complex Viral Bronchitis in 1992, she remained unwell despite numerous antibiotics and steroids and her health and behavior deteriorated. Finally she was given 3 small Homeopathic tablets and she improved almost overnight.  Within a few weeks she was back to herself and has not had a serous cough since then.  I was so impressed with the gentle and efficient way these remedies worked that I began to study Homeopathy and continue to be impressed every day in my practice.”

Consultations are by appointment and can take approximately 60-90 minutes for a first consult and 30-45 minutes for follow up consult.  Appointments are usually about 4-6 weeks apart but phone support is given between appointments if needed.


Initial consult €95 (including remedies)

Follow up consult  €75 (including remedies)

Phone support is included in this fee.

Homeopathy is covered by most leading insurance companies – please check with your provider.

Homeopathic First Aid and introductory courses will be run in the Autumn.  Please contact us for details.


“I know Lee as a homeopath for more than a year now. I came to her with my 1 year old daughter who had allergy, and during the first weeks of treatment I noticed significant improvement. I turned to Lee with my health issues and after a few months of healing I feel much healthier. Even my husband who was skeptical about homeopathy now feels the effect himself. Lee is great both as a professional and as a person. She is a great listener. She’s always there to help and I really can rely on her.

Olga Sazenova, Dublin”

Contact Details:

Phone: 0852655927

Email: leenichinneide@gmail.com