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Elaine Robertson

Elaine Robertson

My name is Elaine and I am a holistic therapist providing some fabulous treatments in River Holistic Centre. I
am qualified in holistic facials, reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology.
I have always been drawn to everything “holistic” but it was only after the passing of my mum that I fully
stepped into my power and pure joy of providing my treatments to others. My aim for these treatments is
for you to take time out just for you, to calm a racing mind and still a worried soul. It lights me up to make
somebody feel better in themselves.

I offer my signature ‘Reiki Infused Facials’ and Reiki here at River Holistic on Wednesday and Fridays.

Email: elainerobertsonwellness@gmail.com

Instagram: @elaine_robertson_wellness

Text only: 0857259765