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Claire Kenny

Claire Kenny

Claire Kenny


I would like to introduce myself to those that I have not had the pleasure to meet. My name is Claire and I am the owner and manager here at River Holistic. I opened this safe haven in 2013 as I saw a need to create a space were you can come to find balance in your everyday life.

I first fell in awe of Complementary therapies by watching my Mother learn and become one of the most compassionate therapists I have ever met. She taught me the importance of realising that we are all on our own journey and sometimes need a helping hand along the way, this is the role of any therapist, a compass, a journal, a listening ear and sometimes your reminder that it is okay not be okay and need a little help.

I became a full time, self employed holistic therapist at 20 and it is still my truest passion, I specialize in Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology and also general Reflexology. I take clients on Tuesday and Thursday mornings here at River Holistic.

I adore to teach and watch my students love for Reflexology and Business ignite. I truly believe that we are all students in life and I am constantly researching and gaining knowledge in all fields that will make your time here truly unique.

I am blessed to host some of the best self employed therapists and teachers in the country and I am honoured to share their love for the holistic approach to life.

I am always at the end of an email or private message, so don’t be shy and let me help you make your time at River the best time spent.