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Cindy Morrissey

Cindy Morrissey

My name is Cindy and I live in beautiful North Dublin, about ten minutes from the sea. For somebody who grew up in the mountains of Germany this feels pretty spectacular. I love my walks by the sea, dipping toes into cold water, listening to the waves and feeling the wind on my face. I day dream of floating in the sea …but only dare in summer!

I have a small and mighty business called EKKO Therapies with beautiful treatment rooms in Malahide and River Holistic in Raheny. I love their closeness to the beach and often walk them in the morning before seeing clients. At Ekko Therapies I support women of all ages through Shiatsu body therapy, Massage and Reflexology. I love working with mindful touch to rebalance, gentle movement to mobilise, breathwork to bring back calmness within and compassionate inquiry to talk through the things that we can’t seem to let go.

I’m passionate about exploring ways that help you restore vitality and health one bit at a time. I’m passionate about you being able to enjoy the things most important in your life. So I listen. A lot. To you and to your body. Your body knows everything and it is the source of your vitality and true happiness.

I listen and I often blend therapies to tailor each session to what you need. We may use some Shiatsu techniques in your massage to reduce pain. We might make time for a neck release to reduce an acute tension headache more effectively, we may inquire into that persistent feeling that’s keeping you uneasy, or we end with hot towel reflexology just because you love it this way.

My wish when you come for a treatment is that you walk away feeling better. And chances are I may have added a blend of essential oils to take home with you, or shown you a gentle stretch or mindfulness technique. These are the tools to our own happiness and I love sharing them with you.

Get in touch with me on 087 6710280 or via my website www.ekkotherapies.ie