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Yoga Flow All Levels

Yoga Flow All Levels

The aim of this class is to allow you to ease into your body using your breath. A lot of the time we are caught in the thinking mind, always doing instead of just being.

I would love to guide you into the essence of being present in your body and experience the benefits of moving mediation which is Yoga not just in the classroom but in your daily life.

This class is an open respectful and sacred space, you just need to show up as you and nothing expected of you than to just honour your own body and truth.

I have trained and primarily in Vinyasa/Hatha yoga, Pranayama and hot yoga but in recent times my focus is on the integration of breath in the body and embodiment of the movement rather than power vinyasa. My class pace will include poses we will hold, feel and experience but also some others we may flow into and experience them in a different way. 

I am really going to allow the energy of the room have a part in the pace/and practice.

Look forward to seeing you all there
Namaste Emma

When: :Fridays 1:00-2:00pm

Investment: €70 for a six week course

Contact: Emma on 0838660945 otoole.emma12@gmail.com or call the desk directly to secure your mat space.