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Yoga Christmas Workshop

Yoga Christmas Workshop

A unique Christmas YOGA Workshop!


During the winter holidays we tend to focus our attention on our deepest emotions and feelings. But in the current cycle of commercial, material and social pressures, it’s easy to forget all that meaningfulness and just force ourselves through the season until it’s done!

So, let’s take a moment to sail gracefully into the holiday seasons by treating ourselves with this beautiful 2 hours Workshop which will focus on;

-Eliminating the unnecessary and lessening what we consume, but also working toward a state of being in which we do not desire that which is superfluous by entering into the practice of yoga asana for physical fitness or health.

We will develop tools helping us to break through places in the subtle body that are blocked with unresolved issues and energy.

Part 1 of Workshop: STIFF SHOULDERS & NECK

Many of us hold a lot of tension and stress in the shoulders and neck, or even experience repetitive strain injury from working on computers. Shoulders are the most important and vulnerable joints in our body. If you would like to relieve tension, create greater mobility, strength, and health in your shoulders and neck, this workshop is for you.

We will work to create space and mobility, as well as stabilizing and strengthening the shoulder joint through practising a yoga sequence aiming at particular asanas that help to relieve tension in these areas.

Part 2 of Workshop: YOGA & HEALTHY SPINE

The spine is one of the most complex and interesting structures in the human body. When it is alignment, movement is free flowing and graceful, but when it is not, the body will attempt to hold itself upright by overusing ligaments and muscles. This kind of compensation causes a build-up of tension in the back and in other areas of the body.

Yoga recognises the importance of the spine in our mental and physical wellbeing. A healthy spine is strong and flexible, able to maintain the correct alignment when sitting, standing or practice improves blood circulation to these mu

We’ll practice a series of asanas aiming at Spinal Extension, Spinal Flexion, Twists.


The practice of yoga in general is widely known for its healing powers, enabling one to “open up’” and release blocked energy that has been accumulated over a whole year over lifetime! Your practice will be incomplete with relaxation. Savasana literally translates as corpse pose means that we all have to surrender at times and stop worrying about our thoughts. All we’ll need to do at the end is to LET GO.

Workshop suitable for EVERYONE, you do not need not have practiced yoga before. Highly recommended for those who are over tired, those who hold a lot of tension in the whole body and those who are looking forward to relax and chill during the holiday seasons.

Treat yourself by joining me on SATURDAY 15th of DECEMBER 2018 from 11.0 AM to 1.00 PM in the River Holistic. Please book with Joanita on 0860826886 or Reception on 018310888.

Saturday 15th of December 2018 from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM in the River Holistic ,10 Main St Raheny, Dublin 5.