Alex Bodor

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Hello All!

I am Alexandra Bodor and I am trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. I am also working towards training in Yoga Nidra!

My journey with Yoga began in University, however the seed of meditation and befriending my body was planted long before that. From volunteering with mental health organisations and working in addiction and homelessness I always relied on meditation and breathwork to calm my anxious and overthinking mind. The body work came soon after when I started practising yoga. Yoga allows the body and mind to come together as one. 

In yoga your body should lead your practice. Therefore, I believe that combining both the physical and mental aspects is something which all yoga practices should focus on. Yoga helps individuals understand their mind and body, it helps us understand our physical and mental resilience and importantly, our resistance. 

Yoga has helped me understand myself more and created space within my body to connect back to what’s important and what isn’t. Yoga has taught me that although it is a great exercise tool, it is so much more than that!

Contact details: or 0896066448.

Yin Yoga

yin yoga practice at River Holistic

What is it?

Yin Yoga is a slower practice in which individual’s hold poses for a longer period of time than in a normal yoga class. The holding of these poses relieves the body of tension while allowing the mind to slow down, rest and relax.
Yin yoga is suitable to all levels as advanced and beginners’ modifications can be provided throughout the classes. All props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets are available in the studio, however feel free to bring your own blanket or props.

Class times and bookings

Yin Yoga with Alex is held on the last Friday of every month.

To book your beautiful mat space just call Alex on 0896066448 or email her on