Winnie Hanway

I am a Yoga Teacher and a Women’s Circle facilitator (and much more!).

I worked in the IT industry for many years before transitioning to teaching & leading in an area I truly embrace and embody. I am fully qualified as a yoga teacher & Women’s Circle facilitator. I am also interested in pranayama breathing and meditation. I encourage everyone to find a practice
that brings presence, awareness & grounding to their lives whenever possible, whatever that practice may be.

My yoga classes provide a supportive, energetic and relaxed environment for students to practice their yoga. I warmly welcome everyone into my classes, people of all ages and sex, from complete beginners to those who want to improve their practice. I encourage everyone
to come to the mat and devote that time each day to just you. I teach Restorative Yoga as often as I can and encourage everyone to participate in this class.

My Women’s Circles are centred on safe and intimate environments where we talk about the circle theme, we learn we share a common thread that unites us, we share our perspectives and gain others and learn a little more about ourselves. We are supportive to each other while investing in our own growth.


womens circle @ river holistic

Women's Circles

Women’s Circles are a gathering of women of all ages where we can see, be seen and share. We sit in a circle and create a shared environment where we’re able to feel safe, heard, felt, validated and celebrated.

We meet around moon cycles as we are mostly governed by the feminine moon Women of all ages are encouraged to join to share experiences, so we hear different perspectives, our unique journeys but also recognise that we share a common thread uniting us all as we all undergo similar demands and pressures.

We talk about what it means to be powerful women, free thinking and what feminine essence means to each.
There is a code of conduct each woman agrees at the start of each circle, so we meet in a safe environment.

Class times and bookings

Contact me (Winnie) on +35386 8419335 or DM me on Instagram @yogasolas to book or with any queries you have

Class Duration – 1 Hour

Women’s Circles are held on Fridays and Sunday to follow the New and Full moon cycle

Investment is €18 per circle

womens circle @ river holistic