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Welcome to your Safe Haven

Welcome to your Safe Haven

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support.  It has honestly meant the world to me and all that call River Holistic their work home.

As you know we always have the highest standard of Hygiene at the centre and the River Room.  I just wanted to assure you that River Holistic is the safe haven it has always been.

Below you will find out a few new measures that we have to take as per government guidelines to maintain your health and happiness along with the therapists, teachers  and front of house staff.

As always you will have to make an appointment through reception or with your therapist directly, ideally at least 24 hours before your appointment so we can assure the appropriate amount of time for you to complete a very short health screening questionnaire.  We will now require obtaining your email address so we can email the said form to you.  This is will only be used for this purpose as updated in our Privacy Policy.

You know we love hugs here at the centre, but for the time being we will be greeting you with a huge smile instead.

The front of house staff will still be available to answer all of your questions but we do ask you to allow the advised distance between yourself and the reception desk.

We will be limiting the amount of people permitted into reception to 2 at any given time, just so you can get the attention you deserve and to allow a safe distance for all.

We will be staggering appointment times to keep the common areas and reception clear.

We ask that you arrive for your appointment or class at the exact time, as we cannot have people waiting downstairs.

We will ask that you pay for your appointment on arrival and when possible use contactless payments (Google pay or Apple Pay) our credit card machine is still available and will be cleaned after each use, if paying by cash we do ask that you have the exact amount for your treatment.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell or have come into close contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed with Covid-19 to take the necessary precautions as stated by HSE guidelines and not come into the centre or studio.

The cancellation policy has been amended to reflect this.  If you are feeling unwell and you contact to let us know, you will not be charged a cancellation fee and we can rebook you in.  The no-show policy still stands, so please make sure you contact to cancel. You will be fully charged for your appointment if you do not show up.  The therapists and teachers have reduced their capacity to see clients and number of students per class so this is vital for their business and to allow as many people to be seen for appointments.

We have added the facility of hand sanitizer at the main entrance and all common areas; we ask that you use the sanitizer when entering the centre and studios and to demonstrate proper respiratory etiquette while in treatment rooms, studios and reception.

We will require you to bring your own mask for therapies and classes; this will be conveyed to you when making your booking.

We have increased the level of cleaning in all therapy rooms, studios and common areas and these lists are visible in all rooms and bathrooms.

At the moment we would ask you to bring in your own bottled water for drinking.

For classes:  The use of Studio mats and blankets has been removed so you will need to bring in your class equipment; your teacher can talk you through everything that you will need.  We ask that wait outside until called by your teacher to enter in a single file. The teachers will not be able to make physical adjustments in class but can verbally guide you. 

For treatments: As always all therapists will be using clean sheets and towels for each treatment, we have added wipeable  pillows and disposable pillow/fresh pillow cases for each treatment for your peace of mind.  Therapists will be meeting you downstairs to bring you up for your treatment, they will be wearing a mask but I promise they are smiling ear to ear to see you again.

We will be using appropriate disinfectant on all high touch surfaces in all common areas at least every two hours and after each treatment/class. (Cleaning list are visible in all rooms and studios and must be signed after each shift)

I have taken all of the recommended actions as stated by the HSE, HSA and the Government to keep River Holistic as safe as possible for you.  (Policies and procedures at reception)

All we ask of you is to be patient and follow all the new measures, and let us know if we can answer any of your concerns.

I am really looking forward to having you all back at River Holistic.

Thank you


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