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VISUAL REFLEXOLOGY WORKSHOP Learn to How to Read the Reflexes

VISUAL REFLEXOLOGY WORKSHOP Learn to How to Read the Reflexes

Dublin Workshop led by Angela Telford

Date June 14th 2019

Time 10.00am-5.30pm

Cost €140.00

NRRI approved for CPD points

REQUEST BOOKING FORM mailto:visualreflex@outlook.com

Suitable for all levels of experience as well as reflexology students more info on Visual Reflexology http://visualreflexology.com/

Add a new skill to your practice and learn to look at the feet in a completely different way.

Reading the reflexes is growing enormously in popularity as reflexologist realise just how much additional information it can give about the physical and emotional health of their clients.

The concept of visual reflexology is simple to understand, and easily put into practice by anyone with even a basic knowledge of reflexology. In a visual reflexology workshop you can learn how to develop this understanding in a way that will improve your treatments and help to balance your client’s wellbeing by studying their feet.

At the workshop, amongst other things you will learn about the significance on the feet of colour, skin texture, different types of lines, tissue swellings, marks & freckles, areas of tension, alignment of toes, etc. and what they show about the health & wellbeing of clients.

Covered in the workshop:

How to read the reflexes to –

* See health issues clearly on the feet.

* Assess your work during and between treatments.

* See the feet as a 3D microcosm of your client.

* Read imbalances between the two sides of the body

* Improve communication with clients.

* Choose palpation methods.

* New techniques based on visual observations.

* Help clients with learning difficulties.

* Aide focus and concentration during treatments.

* Use Photos for record keeping.

* Reassess the 10 zones of the feet.

* Study energy flow between the back and front of the body.

* Deepen your knowledge of the nature of the reflexes.


PART I (morning)


Introduction to this aspect of reflexology. How it can help your practice.

Looking at slides of different feet to learn how to read the reflexes. Angela will give a talk about the photos using them to give us a deeper understanding of the appearances of the reflexes on them, and what they are telling us.

PART II (afternoon)


Group Work: We will study each participant’s feet in turn. Using what we have learnt so far, we will see how much we can tell visually from the reflexes about each person’s health.

We will get immediate feedback as to how accurate we are in our observations. Then we will look for visual clues to any health issues we may have missed.

We will also try out some reflexology techniques based specifically on visual analysis, and note how they can complement our palpatory skills.

Participant Reviews of Previous Workshops:

“I think we all learned a lot & it will be extremely useful when working with clients. In fact, I’ve already found it to be so when treating a couple of clients last week” (Mo Bowyer)

“I can thoroughly recommend this workshop. It really helps you to focus on gaining maximum information from the feet before even touching them. Angela is also an extremely good facilitator”. (Jerry Snell, West London AoR Group Organiser)

“Just wanted to say that Angela’s workshops are really worth putting in your diary. I went to one and can’t believe how much I learnt!” (Claire Freedman)

About Angela:

She has been a practising reflexologist for over 26 years and a therapist for over 30. She runs the Visual Reflex Study Facebook group with over 3500 reflexologist

members and leads regular workshops throughout the UK & Ireland to develop the study of this much underused aspect of reflexology.

More Info/Contact: mailto:visualreflex@outlook.com

Visual Reflexology Website: http://visualreflexology.com/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reflexobservationskills/

Personal website: http://www.angelatelfordreflexology.com/

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