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Vicky Lincoln

Vicky Lincoln

I’m Vicky. Intuitive Coach & Healer.

I’m a certified life coach, intuitive energy healer, and breathwork facilitator. But really it’s my life experiences that I believe qualify me most.

I’ve done mindset coaching & energy healing for several years now, both 1:1 and running epic retreats, but 2 years ago my entire world was turned upside down when out of nowhere I experienced full body psoriasis.

I believe the pain cracked me open, and helped guide me here. To understand the depths of the pain that so many experience so that I could become the light to find my way out, and guide others through similar journeys.

My body was just communicating with me. Letting me know what was out of alignment. When we are connected to our truth, we don’t have anxiety, stress, or dis-ease. The pain allowed me to come back to myself. To come back to my truth.

I believe my purpose is to help you remember who you are, to help you listen to the answers that are within, and to guide you home. To help you align with your Soul and create more magic. I don’t have any magic to give, but rather my gift is to help you remember your own.

True transformation happens at the intersection of pain and love. When we feel pain, but we choose to love ourselves, rather than fight and resist it.

Suffering is connected to resistance. The degree to which we resist life, is the degree to which we suffer. We are convinced that if circumstances were different, that we would be okay. And that’s the lie.

The answer is finding love, and acceptance in the present moment. The answer is being more fully ourselves and not who we think others want us to be. The answer is creating safety, love, and peace within first. We must look inward, become who we are meant to be, and then everything else falls into place.

Easier said than done, I know – it’s a journey I’ve been on for years. A journey that brought me here, to help you. I believe you found me for a reason, and I can’t wait to work with you!

Holistic Healing Sessions:

Option 1: 1h 11 min session – €111

Option 2: 3 X sessions – €300

Option 3: 5 X sessions – €444

Option 4: Weekly sessions with access to me in between sessions – €555/month

Website: vickylincolncoaching.com

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