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UpRooted- Find Ground, Breathe In, Come Home

UpRooted- Find Ground, Breathe In, Come Home

A ceremony for the uprooting and wisdom of deep growth.

When we look to nature we are reminded of the wisdom of our inner cycles. To be stripped bare of our outer conditioned responses.

As the tree release their leaves, they rot and deeply nourish its roots. Strong roots enable the strong new regrowth of spring.

There is wisdom in the lessons of release and surrender into the void of darkness of winter at this time of Samhain.

During our time together in ceremony we will invoke rituals and supportive practices to welcome the energy of Samhain, the hibernation of self discovery, of rest, of realisation, enabling you to cocoon inwards, connecting you to void of darkness.

This gathering will weave together a safe, healing, holding space to enable the wisdom of the dark of winter to be greeted with integrity, faith, and belonging.

This ceremony will be lead by Laura, who has over 12 years of experience in holding sacred space for healing and transformations. She will draw upon modalities such as ceremony, rituals, the heart of yoga, sound healing, mantra, breathwork, holistic coaching, journalling, eft, womens circles and ancestral connection. This unique weaving of modalities is inclusive enabling connection with kindred souls, whilst also creating inward space to honour you and your journey.

I honour the wisdom that the darkness holds, her sacred lessons that emerge from the void. The experiences that have crumbled my exterior persona, and brought me to the depths of my being. To kiss death in all its forms and yet remain with the beating heart is a humbling, transformative experience.

Places will be limited and must be pre-booked, so if you feel the call to gather in circle, to honour your darkness, her mystery, to release and invoke through connection, ritual and ceremony then come join us.

When: November 6th- 10am -1pm

Where: River Holistic, Dublin

Investment: €44

Bookings: https://www.loveyourlife.ie/upcoming-events-booking