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Ultimate Beginners Yoga

Ultimate Beginners Yoga

Ultimate Beginners Yoga

My name is Sharon and I have been teaching Yoga and Mindfulness since 2013. I’m a part-time Yogi, and mum.

So much to say about Yoga, keeping it short:

Yoga is everything to me, has been, will be, now and forever. Yoga taught me so much about myself, my mind, and my body.
Yoga led me and is still leading me on a phenomenal journey. I have had the privilege to learn from the best.
Yoga is not just a physical exercise, there is so much more to learn and so much more to achieve.

Some of the benefits:
 Better strength & flexibility
 Reduced back and joint pain
 Reduced Anxiety and Stress
 Better Sleep patterns, waking up feeling refreshed!
 Better awareness, better breathing and so much more!

My style is based on Hatha Yoga the foundation of all Yoga and as we progress, we will slowly introduce other styles.
My classes are especially for the busy mum and dad

My class is for the Ultimate Beginner!
The class is slow, safe and with ultimate awareness. You will be guided & supported all the way, believe & achieve!
Your mat awaits!

Facebook page: yoga with Sharon Denver – email: yogaonwithsharon@gmail.com