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Tuning In ~

Tuning In ~

A full body slow flow practice leading into Yoga Nidra

Sunday March 15th

11.30am to 1.30pm

Investment: €25 

Come with us for a two hour exploration, connecting first into your physical body with a slow and strong practice, and then journeying into the subtle realm with a yoga nidra practice to deeply relax and release all tensions from the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

As we move through the full body during the physical practice, we will explore where we allow space and where we hold tense and feel more stuck, tuning into how we are in our bodies, where energy flows freely and where it stagnates. Observing the quality of spaciousness where it is present, and breathing this quality into the areas that are more stuck and stagnant. 

Tuning into our body like this throughout the physical practice will prepare both the body and mind to move into the yoga nidra practice. Here we’ll rest in an extended shavasana pose, listening to the verbal instructions to enter a deeper state of relaxation, letting the nervous system settle, allowing the body to move out of the ‘fight or flight’ response and into the ‘rest and digest’ state. 

You will leave the workshop feeling deeply relaxed on all levels, your energy restored and ready to embrace life.

Feel free to bring along a notebook and pen to journal your experience in yoga nidra.

Contact reception on 018310888 or you can email Aoife directly on aoife@undertheavotree.com

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