Three System Combo

Three System Combo

Three system combo @river holistic

What is the Three System Combo?

The 3 System Combo is an amazing holistic treatment. Whether presenting with a physical issue or emotional/mental stress or worry, all 3 bodies will be affected.
That’s why this treatment is so powerful. It doesn’t differentiate between the bodies or individual systems, it treats the body as a whole.
With the 3 System Combo you will receive:


This works the muscular system. We all know the benefits of human touch, and purposeful touch is even more powerful.
Whatever your body needs – you will receive: from gentle manipulations of the muscles to loosen and relax them out to deep tissue massage and fascia release to relieve all aches and pains.


A gentle hands-on technique that works the immune system by stimulating the movement of lymph within the body. It encourages the nodes to disperse the buildup of waste, resulting in a reduction of swelling & odema. It reduces fatigue and heaviness in the body and helps fight against and get rid of foreign bodies like infections & allergies and also diminishes inflammation.


A beautiful therapy that is so gentle it can be used on day old babies! It specifically works with the body’s own ‘natural intelligence’ From conception, cells split and multiply to create bone, tissue, organs and entire systems. No one is telling it how… it just knows!
Working with the nervous system, which is in control of everything: muscle movement, organ function and anxiety & stress, this therapy encourages the body to let go of traumas (big and small) and settles your nervous system to create a state of calm and deep relaxation.

Benefits of the Three System Combo:

  • Relaxes muscle tension.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Relieves aches and pains.
  • Creates a true sense of calm for both the body and the mind. 
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • Speeds recovery from illnesses.
  • It’s treats the whole body.
Treatment Costs:

Monday and Thursdays

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