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The Psychic Reiki™ Level 1

The Psychic Reiki™ Level 1

Saturday 8th of June – Psychic Reiki TM

Level 1

Psychic Reiki is healing and clearing, just like the traditional form of Reiki. However it works to develop your true potential in every area of everyday life. By developing our ‘sixth senses’, our ‘inner knowing’, we are led very safely through our spiritual path under the guidance of the amazing Reiki healing energies.

Would you like to be more decisive? More confident? Be able to trust your gut instinct? Know that you are on the right path? Psychic Reiki will help to develop these qualities within you. Working with powerful Archangel energy and the guidance of the system, you will be encouraged to live more from a place of Unconditional Love… leaving fear behind.

Psychic Reiki TM is a journey into Higher Consciousness, through Psychic Empowerment and Ascension, oneness, spiritual and personal empowerment. Psychic Reiki has been channelled and devised by Joanne McMillan. I am delighted to be one of the first Master/Teachers in this phenomenal medium.

Reconnect to your DIVINE SELF by activating and empowering your Psychic Abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance and more. Learn how to use them in all aspects of your life. 12 chakra clearing, balancing and activating including the soul star, causal and stellar gateway chakras. Metatron,(the Overseeing Light of Psychic Reiki™) is called on to help us reconnect to our spiritual power and learn how to use it to bring glory to the Divine and make the world a better place.

Some recent comments from attendees:

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Inspiring course, lovely people, great space and a kind, caring and considered facilitator creating an atmosphere of trust and safety. Fantastic!

Had a great time, very interested to see how I develop with it x

Beautiful space to learn. Ruth’s presence is calming & welcoming. I will look forward to being part of more courses. Namaste

I had an amazing day!! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Xx

Another wonderful class with Ruth, I can’t wait for the next one

​Fantastic course, very detailed but not overwhelming. Grateful as always & can’t wait for Psychic Reiki level 2! x

Thank you Ruth, had a great day! 💖💖

Level 1
The Psychic Reiki™ Level 1 Attunements
The benefits of Psychic Reiki™
The source of Psychic Knowledge
The Importance of Being Grounded to our Psychic Abilities
Grounding and the Earth Star Chakra
Grounding Methods
Different Types of Psychic Abilities
Psychic Reiki™ Overseeing Light: Archangel METATRON
Psychic Reiki™ Guides, Bebub and Safriel
Our connection to the Universal Energy Field
Chakras involved in psychic communication
Introduction to the Soul Star, Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras
Psychic Reiki™ 12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activating
Protection and Interacting with others
Supporting your Psychic Development
How to Receive Psychic Guidance
Using Psychic Reiki™ when giving Reiki treatments

NO previous knowledge or training is needed to take Psychic Reiki TM Level 1.

Level 2 and 3 information June 9th

Accredited certification presented at the end of the day. Manual, attuned crystal and 12-chakra CD (RRP £10) also included.

Course fee: £95 / €110. A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to book your place. The balance to be paid in full before the course date.
Payment info: You can pay over the phone by calling Ruth on 00 447545 47 48 78. Paypal send to ruth@ruthpringle.co.uk. Website booking: www.ruthpringle.co.uk