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The Heart of Home

The Heart of Home

The Heart of Home

Discovering your Relationship with the Heart of Home
A 2-Day Experiential Workshop with Christian Kyriacou
Dublin 7/8th July 2018

Do you feel ‘at home’ where you live?

An experiential workshop taking us into deep levels of awareness of our relationship to where we live.

A house is an externalised mirror of our ‘inner’ home and thus a simple yet powerful psychotherapeutic process which can show us aspects of our lives and of our soul journey of which we may not have been aware of.

Christian shares the concept of our soul connection to where we live and why we were drawn there and how to identify issues that may be impacting our lives.

He guides us to illuminate for ourselves how metaphysical realities hold the energy matrix of our intentions and karmic ancestral programmes and thus how our home can be our greatest healer and guide to success in all areas of life including Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Be prepared to think of where you live in unexpected ways!

We will consider:

  • Is your home hindering your Relationships, Wealth or Health?

  • What is ‘home’ and Do you feel ‘at home’ where you live?

  • Did you choose your ‘home’ or did it find you?

  • Why was your soul originally drawn to your home?

  • Do you feel that the house you live in is really yours?

More About Christian: https://www.thehousewhisperer.tv

Price for the 2-Day Workshop €180 euros BOOK NOW Limited Spaces.

Organiser Edel Cleary. Feng Shui DesignPhone:086-2719292

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