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Thank you Front Line Workers

Thank you Front Line Workers

As part of our Thank you to all of the front line workers, we have set up a weekend to find a calm space to let us look after you for all of the hard work you have put in for us.

For us; Front Line staff are everyone who has been working during the lockdown.

  • The postman that brings you your postcards from your loved ones.
  • The milkman who you never get to see, but would be lost without.
  • The hospital staff working to feed our nurses and doctors.
  • The cleaners making the hospitals, care homes and nursing homes as safe as possible.
  • The pharmacies and their staff providing us with all of the health essentials.
  • The supermarket staff who always have a smile on their faces, and those smiles may be the only interaction some of us have on a weekly basis.
  • The nurses, doctors, care assistants and remote care staff.
  • The people working in food distribution and packaging making sure our shops, pharmacies, hospitals and care homes are always stocked.
  • The drivers of all public transport, ensuring that all of the above got to and from work safely.
  • The Garda, keeping the streets safe and as quiet as possible.
  • The bin men and women keeping the streets clean and a weekly reminder as to what day it is.

To be honest I think the list is a tip of the iceberg of all of the true heros making this country something to be extremely proud of. If I have not added you to the list, then please let me thank you also.

Along with offering free treatments from the amazing therapists that work from the centre; we also have classes and workshops for as many as we can accomodate. The intake has been astounding and we only have a few appointments left for you on Sunday the 19th.

The classes are:

SATURDAY 18th of July

SUNDAY 19th of July

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