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1st Full Moon of 2023

It’s best to use this lunation as a chance to let go. Have yourself a good cry and give yourself the chance to heal. Moving forward and cutting ties is always hard, but sometimes it must be done — especially when we are dealing with self-preservation.

Now that the new year has begun, we are looking for ways to restart our hearts and emotions, which is precisely what this watery full moon in Cancer offers. Grab a box of tissues, take a walk down memory lane, and prepare yourself to release the past in an effort to create fresh moments for yourself. 

There is a strong forcefield of energy around this Full Moon that is beckoning us to pause, reflect, and take our time, so no matter what comes up for you, try to keep this in mind. Try to remind yourself that not everything needs an answer right now and that it is ok to be in a state of unknowing.

Remember, we don’t want to be carrying dead weight into the new year. This is our chance to finally start fresh without any of these worries burdening us. All the more reason to use this full moon as a wake-up call to transform our worlds for the better in 2023 — without the gossip, stress, and burdens that we have been dealing with. The answer is to align with those you trust and share your feelings with them, knowing that you won’t be judged — only loved.

Do not be afraid to dream big and have high hopes during this Wolf Moon.

Full Moon Ritual

Water Ritual:

• Take two cups, one with water, one without.

• On the cup with water, pop a post-it note saying what you want to release.

• On the empty cup, pop a post-it note saying what you want to embody and welcome.

• Take the cup with water, and say thank you for the lessons and what you’re being shown to release. Then pour the water into the other cup.

• Visualize yourself becoming all you want to be and drink the water.

Smoke and Sage Ritual:

When doing a full Moon ritual, you will need very simple tools, your sage and or palo santo wood, your shell and stand, a bowl of water, a candle and three pieces of blank paper to write down three things you want to let go of.

Make sure you are doing this in a comfortable space and somewhere that is safe to burn your sage or palo santo wood. Remember to open the window in the room you are in, so the negative can leave your home.

Write down 1 thing you want to let go of on each piece of paper and fold them up.Light your candle and place beside the bowl of water.

Choose 1 piece of paper at a time and set your intention to let this go from your life, take a deep breath and light it from the candle, then place in the water.

Do this for each thing you want to let go of and each time setting your intention.

Once all three things have been released from their hold on you, light your sage and smudge your head and heart and direct it out the window.

This is such a simple technique that you can do anytime you feel a little overwhelmed.

Let’s all release and welcome this full moon.