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How to start your holistic practice ~ Part 1

Want to know your first step on how to start your holistic practice or even how to return to the holistic world? 👉
Hi everyone.

As promised here is tip number 1 on how to start or return to your holistic practice.

Set realistic goals-have an idea of what you want to achieve with your business, but also be realistic in terms of the time and money you will need to make it successful. 

This may sound like a no brainier…..

I want to be a therapist and start to take clients.

But there is a little bit more behind your first step of being a professional therapist.

What, Where, When, Who, How Much and How Many all have to be considered too.

What treatments are you confident in offering.

Where are you planning on working from… home centre or being employed.

When you can realistically offer your services, part time mornings, evenings weekend all have to factored into your planning. 

Who are the clients that you want to attract, who are your traget audience. 

How many clients can you take in that time,

 how much money will you need to cover your set up costs, insurance, professional memberships.

My tip is to write down your dream, your want and then the reality.

Start with your reality, childcare, living expenses, work expenses, your want to treat people with your beautiful therapy, your dream to make it a full time job.

If you make all three of the above work together then the dream will happen, not over night but with hard work and self belief.

So remember today is about your reality, your want and your dream.
Comment below with any questions you have or just message me and I will hopefully help making this first step a bit easier.