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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Working with specific conditions or to simply renew a deep state of balance the singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, zaphir chimes are used both on and around your body as you rest on a plinth fully clothed and covered in a blanket.  The sound is absorbed where it is needed most and having an intention for your session can support your 1-1 sound healing session.

Sound healing sessions last for 60 minutes and are tailored uniquely to the clients needs.  Recommendations are often given at the end of the session to support you in maintaining the balance from your sound healing session.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

  • Supports the body, emotions and thoughts to move back into a balanced state
  • Acts like an internal massage for the muscles, tissues and organs, as the resonance absorbs inwards
  • Activates the para-sympathetic nervous system thus ‘turning on’ the relaxation response
  • Promotes homeostasis, through which the body can begin to self heal
  • Cleanses the aura or energy field
  • Raises your energetic vibration, which can support you in attracting more high vibrational situations & people into your life, as you return to your natural state of grace and flow

Feedback from previous clients

” I found Laura’s sound healing very grounding, shifting of my energy and supportive. I felt that Laura instinctively followed her intuition and used the bowls in the right areas for me. My energy levels improved which I needed. I was completely relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Laura as a sound healer. She is excellent.”


“I was shown a different way of dealing with my negative beliefs about myself and stress, for which I was very grateful. I felt my heart and my solar plexus chakra open and got grounded too. Laura is a very intuitive, insightful and loving, she was a tremendous facilitator of the sounds healing and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in sound healing and so much more.”

Zuzana Sladeckova

“It was not immediately obvious to me the benefit of the therapy other than the deep relaxation. I was intrigued by the feed back on all the things you picked up on. I never felt rushed and enjoyed chatting about the experience and can not but be lifted by your enthusiasm.
It was only later in the day after the therapy that I became aware in a massive shift in myself. I felt Lighter! I felt a hope or an enthusiasm for the future that had not being there for a long time. I had mentioned I had felt I was unintentionally matching a vibration with a person but suddenly felt as if my vibration was literally raised which I have no doubt in my mind was a result of the therapy. This hasn’t subsided and without any pun intended I am feeling a sense of onward and upwards and that the phoenix has risen after lying low for a long time!!!!”

Nichola O’ Hanlon


Option 1:

  • 1 x 60 minute session
  • Cost €65

Option 2:

  • 3 x 60 minute sessions
  • Cost €180 (Must be pre-paid and used within 4 months of first session)

Contra Indications:

Sound healing sessions are suitable for most people who wish to relax from the daily stress of life, or who are ready to move into a deeper space of healing and balance within. Sound Healing is subtle yet powerful and is therefore contraindicated for people with a pacemaker, inflammation, advanced stages of cancer, cancer tumors, metal implants, having had surgery within 3 months and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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