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Tigers eye tablet palm stone


Tigers eye can be used as a tool to re balance the body, especially during healing or meditative work, and some people use it to aid psychic work. Tiger’s eye helps us to know that new experiences and more enjoyable situations are only as far away as we believe them to be. This stone can be held when seeking a calm influence in our life or when our thoughts are fragmented and we need focus. It also can help heal issues of self-worth. In times of peace, clarity or grace it may help us to remain in the present and not worry about how long the good feelings will last.

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These Golden Tigers Eye palm stones are made from a polished crystal, asymmetrically shaped, well made and smooth to the touch. They have a solid weight to them, and each is unique in shape and colour. Golden Tigers Eye is a unique stone made up of an array of different ‘golden’ shades; so every palm stone will be unique but the quality will be the same. Some may have a mixture of a light to dark colour, whilst others may be more prominent in one than the other.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 4 × 3 cm