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The Pebble Diffuser


Just water and a few drops of your favourite River Mood Blend  and it will keep your home smelling amazing – the natural way!

There are many benefits to essential oil diffusers. Whether you love a sweet, floral aroma or a sharp, clean fragrance is your thing, just choose the appropriate blend and feel relaxed, energised or focused – depending on the essential oil blend you add to your diffuser.  As well as loving the aroma, feel the physical and mental wellbeing effects too.  And the LED mood lighting adds to the ambience.

The Pebble uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporise water and essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. Whisper quiet and easy to operate and maintain.

  • try the Sweet Dreams blend before you put on your PJs (a blend of Lavender, Vetiver and Frankincense)
  • or the Rise and Shine Blend to help to revitalise your energy levels (a blend of Peppermint, grapefruit and bergamot))

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  • Tank capacity 70ml
  • LED Light – 7pcs
  • Powered by USB (length of cord 100cm)
  • Auto power off when water runs out
  • Size: Height 10cm, Width 15cm, Weight 210g
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Weight 250 g