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The little book of spiritual bliss


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We live in a world of chronic stress and dis-ease, a world of rampant anxiety and depression. If we stay locked onto the horizontal plane of superficial concerns and challenges, we are doomed to feeling deeply unsettled. However, if we intentionally shift our awareness to the vertical plane of life — diving into spiritual depths and rising to transcendent perspectives — we connect with a Spirit that is both beyond and within us.

Chapters Include: Ch. 1 Awaken Ch. 2 Connect Ch. 3 Wonder Ch. 4 Love Ch. 5 Trust Ch. 6 Home

Each chapter offers five specific ‘sacred pause practices’ to instill a habit of first inviting stillness and then weaving a fabric of spiritual experiences. Being intentional in this way, on a daily basis, ultimately makes navigating one’s life a radiant adventure rather than an exhausting race through a dark world.

The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss offers a compendium of simple spiritual practices to help foster connection with the Divine, to cultivate sacred wellbeing, and to increase awareness of being a wave within an ocean of Spirit. Living with this sort of faith underpinning isn’t merely a ‘belief’, it’s an experience.   

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