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Sweet Dreams Bundle


This perfect bundle creates the perfect combination to create the sweetest of dreams.

Using the power of aromatherapy to ease the mind and let go of the day.

The power of crystals infused into the River Feels Sweet Dreams blend of Lavender, Vetiver and Frankincense to help balance and ground you to the slumber land.

The warmth and security of the self heating eye mask to help rest your tired eyes and bring along the aroma of lavender or chamomile wafting from the eye mask to help transport you to the far away places that you can only dream of.

All of this is just one little bag filled with so much potential for the sweetest of dreams.


In stock


This is the perfect gift to give someone that you wish the sweetest dreams to.

This beautiful bundle contains:

1 * Self heating eye mask

1 * Hand blended, crystal infused sweet dreams roller ball blend

1 * The coziest woolen socks to help float into slumber land.



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Weight 155 g