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White Sage Smudging Gift Set


This magnificent gift set comes in two sizes, Large and Small complete with everything you need to perform a smudging ritual. Included: one White Sage smudge stick, one feather for wafting the smoke, one natural Abalone Shell (Large or Small), A large or smaller Crystal and one Palo Santo sacred wood.

White sage smoke not only reduces stress and provides a natural relaxed state, but the smoke of the sage also cleanses the air. Burn some sage, set your intentions and rid your space of negative energy and start anew.



Smudging set.

I x Abalone shell

1 x small white sage smudge stick

1 x Palo Santo stick.

1 x Feather

1 x Bag to store them.

1 x Crystal

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Additional information

Weight 73 g
Smudge Set

L, S

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