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Selenite Rods


Many people put Selenite wands on the windowsills of their homes to maintain a positive living environment. Clearing Blockages in the Body: Selenite is a useful tool for removing energy blockages in your body

Sold individually  Average size 8*1.5cm

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  • Raises vibrations
  • Self cleansing stone and can cleanse other crystals
  • Meditation stone
  • Can be use to repair the energy field
  • Finest healing powers through etheric healing
  • Highly protective crystal, use when your journeying or travelling
  • Brings clarity and eases stress, anxiety and lower emotional energy
  • Calming and soothes
  • Supports dis-ease related to the crown chakra
  • Brings chakra system to balance
  • Teaches judgement and insight in a healthy manor
  • Excellent grid working stone
  • Carries through the new earth vibration, supports energies and shifts
  • Stimulates crown and third eye chakras
  • Excellent psychic surgery stone
  • Supports a spiritual bond between baby and parent
  • Enhances telepathy, psychic abilities and clears spiritual visions and clairaudience
  • Helps you to anchor your light body into the earth
  • Good luck, fortune and prosperity
  • Supports sacral and root chakra (on a reproductive level)
  • Helps a crystal or spiritual healer scan for blocks, entities and imbalances
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