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Sage Mood Gift Set


This beautiful gift set is just perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful clear space in their home or office.  With these stunning white sage bundles they can help to create a sense of positive vibes, sweet dreams, rest and relaxation and pure balance.

Each gift set comes with a beautiful Abalone shell and stand and you get to choose which mood you create at home.

Each box comes with an special free gift personally picked for you or the person receiving it (for a limited time only)

In stock


This Stunning gift set includes:

1 * Large Abalone Shell

1* 10″ Hand carved stand

1 * Positive vibes smudge stick

1 * Sweet Dreams Smudge Stick

1 * Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick

1 * Chakra Smudge Stick


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Weight 550 g