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River Mood Roller Ball Blends


I am really excited to introduce you to the new River Mood Roller Ball Blends, hand blended just for you.

Each bottle is infused with beautiful crystals, each with their own power to add to the benefits of your oil.

Each blend has a special meaning and desired outcome:

Sweet Dreams: If you are finding it hard to sleep or just need that feeling of security to fall asleep then this blend of Vetiver, Lavender and Frankincense will soon give you the sweetest of dreams.

Inner Strength: This blend of Clary Sage, Patchouli and Geranium placed on your pulse points will help give you the encouragement you might need for something new. **** Not suitable during pregnancy******

Be Still: The perfect combination of oils to help you create a space where you want to just sit and be still for awhile. The Grounding effect of the Cedarwood, the hug from the Ylang Ylang and the meditative aroma or Frankincense.

Happiness: This blend is just a little bottle packed full of sunshine and light.  The grapefruit with its zingy aroma will put a pep in your step, the Bergamot is just an emotional hug for when you need it the most and the Geranium is perfect to make your happy hormones flow.

ZEN: This blend is perfect to use during high levels of stress or to help create a sense of serenity during your meditations or yoga practice. The Lavender will place you on a cloud of relaxation, the Bergamot is like a warm blanket and the Frankincense can help you really Zen out from the world, just for a little bit.

They all come beautifully packaged with small crystals to keep them safe.

Personal Blends can be made just for you.



How to use:

These roller ball blends are perfect to apply to your pulse points ( think wrists, temples and back of the neck)  You will only need to apply them 3 times a day as the effects of the pure essential oils will stay with you all day.

Always do a patch test on the inner wrist before applying elsewhere.

Please consider caution if you are pregnant or have any major health complaints.

Allergens:  Coconut oil

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