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RELAX ~ Bath and Body Soak


An intense blend of bath salts and pure essential oil blend Relax.

Encourage intense relief and support for stress, anxiety and tension.

Sit back and relax

Let the soothing vapors of grounding Patchouli and cedarwood, uplifting Mandarin and clearing vetivert help to relieve everyday tension and anxiety with this relaxing blend.

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Hydrate top-to-toe and enliven the senses with this Realx soak invigorating bath mix.

This soothing Bath and Body soak contains pure, genuine salts, minerals and aromatherapy oils.

This will encourage well-being and may aid in reinvigorating your aching body.

Unrefined pure sea salts and rich minerals formed over 250 million years ago are combined with the Relax blend of grounding patchouli and Cedarwood and uplifting mandarin and clearing Vetivert help to create this powerful bath soak blend.

Epsom Salts, Magnesium flakes, Himalayan rose salts, skinclear blend

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Weight 500 g


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