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Skin ~ skin tonic for dull and oily skins; refreshes and detoxifies. Circulatory ~ hypotensive thus lowers blood pressure Lymphatic ~ relieves oedema and fluid retention. Nervous ďż˝ provokes positive outlook, refreshes the mind, lifts and relieves depression, tension and stress. Digestive ~ calms the stomach, aids peristalsis, helps relieve digestive problems such as diarrhoea and constipation. Immune ~ helps protect against infections, colds and flus Sweet orange is a member of the citrus family. These fruits only grow naturally in sunny hot countries and the oils from them are like a burst of sunshine and are uplifting, warm, bright and restorative. Like Neroli (and all the citrus oils) a wonderfully, uplifting oil!


The distilled version of the oil causes phototoxicity (sensitivity to sunlight) so avoid direct sunlight or sun beds for at least 24 hours after using the oil The oil may cause skin irritation so use in a low dilution ~ for example 0.5 ml of the oil in a 50ml carrier oi

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