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Home Cleansing/Full Moon Gift Set


This magnificent gift set comes with everything you need to perform a smudging ritual to cleanse a new home, create a safe space in your loved home or to use for the full moon. Included: one White Sage smudge stick, one feather for wafting the smoke, one natural Abalone Shell , a crystal and one Palo Santo sacred wood.

White sage smoke not only reduces stress and provides a natural relaxed state, but the smoke of the sage also cleanses the air. Burn some sage, set your intentions and rid your space of negative energy and start anew.

***As all of our products are 100% Natural they will vary in size and colour making them truly unique for you***

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Smudging set.

I x Abalone shell

1 x 4″ white sage smudge stick

1 x Palo Santo stick.

1 x Feather

1 x Crystal

1 x Full instructions on how to smudge your home including a full moon ritual.

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Weight 110 g
Smudge Set

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