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Skin ~rejuvenates mature skin by smoothing wrinkles and dry skin and balances oily skin; wound healing, astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating cuts, scars, blemishes and inflammations.

Nervous ~ a comforting, warming and relaxing oil; use in a burner during meditation to help focus the mind; and good for stress and anxiety.

Respiratory ~ helps asthma, bronchitis, coughs, laryngitis; clears mucus and catarrh; calms breathing.

Urinary ~ eases symptoms of cystitis; a diuretic that promotes better kidney and liver function for hepatitis as it helps removes toxins from the body.

Reproductive ~ dysmenhorrhea (painful periods) and metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods).

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There are no safety issues with regard to Frankincense Non toxic and non irritating but always recommended to do a skin patch test anyway – by applying a small amount to a patch on the inner arm and wait to see if there are any reactions within 24 hours.

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