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Cinnamon Leaf



Warms mind and body, fosters confidence and promotes self-assurance Muscular – applied topically for sore and painful muscles and joints Circulation. Cinnamon helps to improve the circulation of blood due to the presence of a blood thinning compound within cinnamon. Skin Mosquito repellent, good for acne Respiratory, assists with bronchitis and flu Since Cinnamon is both an emotional and physical stimulant its benefits can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Diffusing or as a bath oil (only a small amount since it is very strong, ie hot) can invigorate and help and uplift.


Used in very low dilutions on the skin and for short periods of time. Suggested use is at 1% or less. Cinnamon Leaf is high in a component called Eugenol, a Phenol. Phenols are considered to be the most irritating components to the skin and mucous membranes and can cause dermatitis and sensitization. This oil should not be diffused or used in an inhaler. Phenol high oils are not used with babies and children.


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