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Chakra Sage Smudge Stick


Bring romance back into your home by burning white sage with rose petals. White sage is the most famous herb for smudging. The rose is the most loved flower worldwide. She is reminiscent of love and romance and gives off a wonderfully sultry scent. This smudging stick is a loving and colorful gift with its rose leaves.

White sage is native to California. The plant is known for its spiritual cleansing power. In terms of smell, white sage is very strong and spicy. Some people have to get used to this. The rose petals of this smudge stick give the scent a sultry and sweet aroma.

This white sage with rose leaves is very suitable as a gift in terms of color splendor. In addition, the penetrating scent of white sage is softened by the rose scent. If you want to bring the four elements together in the smudging ritual, then your abalone shell fits well with this.



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