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Chakra Clearing Set


This beautiful set is perfect for your start into the journey of crystals, sage and chakras.

The beautiful crystals are:

Crown: Clear quartz for cosmic consciousness

Third eye: Amethyst for spiritual wisdom and attainment

Throat: Sodalite for communication and clear expression

Heart: Aventurine for Love, compassion and protection

Solar Plexus: Citrine for balancing energy and raising self-esteem

Sacral: Carnelian for boosting energy and creativity

Root: Obsidian for grounding and inner strength

1 * 5″ sage smudge stick to help clear your home and heart of all that no longer serve you purpose.

1 * Selenite rod to clear and energize your crystals and help create a positive space in your home.

1 * Palo Santo Wood to help welcome positive energy into your home and heart.

Only 1 left in stock


This beautiful set contains:

1 * 5″ Sage smudge stick

1 * Selenite wand

1 * Palo Santo Wood

1 * Charkra crystal set with information on each stone. Each crystal is 2-3cm

1 * Cotton bag to hold everything safe.


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Weight 378 g