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Black Pepper



Muscular – Excellent for muscular aches and pains, can improve performance if used before sporting activities as it stimulates the blood vessel.

Circulation and the lymphatic system – stimulates as it is a warming oil, in that when applied topically it ‘warms’ the area it’s massaged into and increases circulation that then reduces inflammation and provides relief for arthritis and other muscle and joint discomforts.

Digestion – stimulates digestion and the appetite and relieves bowel problems and constipation by aiding peristalsis.

Respiratory – Also, good in a blend for catarrh, coughs and colds.

Black Pepper is a stimulating oil and has the same spicy qualities as the black pepper we use on food.


  • Black pepper can be irritating and should not be used neat on the skin.
  • It is incompatible with homeopathic treatments.
  • Use in low concentrations, use in 1% dilution when applying to the skin in massage oils. Not recommended for use in baths.
  • Store this oil carefully as the high monoterpene content leaves the oil vulnerable to oxidising. Once oxidised, Black Pepper oil is more likely to cause serious skin irritation or sensitisation.

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