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The shape of LOVE – Art workshop

The shape of LOVE – Art workshop


“The  shape of Love

Come to do this  workshop! Do you want to discover what is the happiness and love for you? Have you ever tried to give it a shape?

Here, in this workshop, you have this possibility. To discover what there is inside you, and still how big is the need of your soul to be happy.

Sometimes we don’t have a chance, here yes ,you have it.

I am happy ..to see you.

The Workshop of Marilena Pilla, “The shape of Love” is an adult workshop.

Is for everybody, for who just want to give a shape to the love he /she has for the life, for who is depressed and doesn’t know how to give love, for who is thinking that is not able to love anymore, for who lost his big love, but still want to give shape to his life.

Is for all those people that want to treat this theme, because the love enter in our life in some way. But we always try to hide it .

I address my workshop in an Holistic way, so it will be realized with soft music , and the only thing you have to do, is to create.

I will follow you, and you will follow my advices to Create, something that in your life you never had the chance to create. The love.

The day of the workshop will last three hours, when you will follow me, and create on a paper a huge shape that you will colour and paint.

The Workshop is cared by Marilena Pilla that comes from Italy.


You need to come dressed in comfortable clothing, please be advised that you will be using paints and different art supplies so don’t wear anything that you may not want to get dirty.

The price include the artistic material.

From 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

23rd of March 2019

€50 for the workshop, which includes all the art supplies and materials and you get to bring home your powerful creations of LOVE.

About Marilena Pilla:

Since I was a child I have always been surrounded by Art and I was longing to be able to express myself through it one day.So I studied Set Design at the Accademy of Art in Bologna and the last year I  was granted a scholarship for Furniture Design, at the London Guildhall University, in London.Then I returned to my country where I developed my own style. Here at the Academy of Art in Brera Milan, in order to achieve greater knowledge, I discovered Art Therapy .I have found  my way and fulfilled my dream: being able to help people all over the world.

Marilena Pilla Education

“I have a Degree in Set Design, and after teaching Art History in the high School, I started to be passionate about Art Therapy when I saw how was good the art on me. In the same period I studied to become an Holistic operator.

After studying Art Therapy, I started to do different workshops, one dedicated to the anger for kids, at the Primary school, then

“The rel-action” with people with the Down syndrome, and one for the violence on women. I continue to do workshops also at school.

My dream is to do Art Therapy around the world, and so I started this big adventure, but doing my work in an holistic way.  The birth of my children, took me on a path that all  has to be “exploration”.

Today I still teach art, but in a new way, I want to explore all the feeling we have inside, and take them out.

In Italy she ‘s doing

“Birth and Re-Birth”

“The black wolf”

And others will arrive.”

The big dreamer, Marilena