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Self Love Sound Bath

Self Love Sound Bath

Self Love Sound Bath.
Come and allow yourself to be bathed in the sacred sound vibrations from
the comfort of your own home with this online Self Love Sacred Sound
Bath. Sacred sound baths enable you to move into a deeply meditative
state through which your body can effortlessly repair and restore itself.  
During this Self Love Sound Bath I will use specific frequencies of sound to
support you in releasing shame, guilt and fear, whilst opening to
forgiveness, promoting harmony, connection and healing of the heart. All
these frequencies combined together offer the perfect opportunity to
release past hurts whilst rekindling and deepening your self love.
Lying on your bed or on your yoga mat snuggled in your blanket you will
be bathed in the relaxing healing sounds of himalayan singing bowls,
gongs, crystal bowls, hapi drum, zaphir chimes, solfeggio pipes and the
power of the voice, to support you through this sound journey, before
allowing a deep state of stillness to set in.
As each instrument is played the body absorbs the sound inwards,
working on the chakras, enabling the body, mind and spirit to move back
into a deeper state of balance, and who doesn’t want more balance??
 Through use of these sounds we begin to shed the dense heavier energy
of daily life, thus rising our vibrational energy, allowing us to effortlessly
attract higher frequency people and experiences into our lives.
This event will take place online and is best experience with headphones
for an immersive experience.
Places for these sound baths will be limited and require pre-booking / pre-

 When: Sunday 14th of February 10 -11.15am
 Where: Live online via a private facebook link- please note you
MUST have a facebook account to attend this session live. You will
be sent a link 24 hours before the session to access a private
facebook page. The event will be streamed live in this group.

 Recording: Recording will be available to view for 48 hours after the
event, so if you don’t have a facebook account, can’t make the live
event or life just happens on the evening, you’ll have 48 hour access
to the recording, ensuring you don’t miss out.
 Cost: €20
 Bookings: Places are limited and all places must be pre-booked
here https://www.loveyourlife.ie/upcoming-events-booking/online-

Please note this workshop is NOT suitable for people with a pacemaker,
with sound sensitive epilepsy, or in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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