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Self Love Day

Self Love Day

Self Love Day

Just in case you have forgotten today – you are loved, you are powerful, you are worthy & you are MAGICAL!

Self Love is EVERYTHING.

So many of us struggle with low self esteem, low confidence, poor body images, lack of boundaries and so much more. These are all ways of not loving ourself.

Sarah’s aim is to dive SO deep in this self love day retreat into where our low Self Love comes from & CLEAR them for good!

We will be covering topics like:

💕Body Image


💕Loving ourselves

💕Healing ourselves (physically, mentally & emotionally) through Self Love

💕Releasing Limiting Beliefs 

💕Opening our Hearts to Love (Romantically/Spiritually)

We will be using a range of different techniques Sarah has picked up along the way including:


💕Energy Healing

💕Cacao (Chocolate – Yay) 

💕Group Work




A bit about Sarah:

“Self Love has always been my path & journey. For the last 8 years I have worked painfully through my Self Love Journey since an extremely abusive relationship & teenage pregnancy. There has been ups & downs along the road and I wouldn’t change a thing! I am so proud of where I have come & it was all so worth it! I used Meditation, Yoga, trips to India, Self Love Summits, Cacao (Plant medicine), Louise Hay Workshops and so much more on my journey. My goal & passion is to help you to FULLY love yourself and THRIVE in life

I love you, Sarah x”



28th September 2019

✨10-5pm ✨

River Holistic Centre

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