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Self Development Workshop

Self Development Workshop

Communicate with your Higher Self, Work with your soul, develop well being.

Self Development – Transpersonal Work, Well being, Higher Self, Soul Work, Aura.

This Self Development Workshop is designed as a hands on learning experience using the latest hypnotherapy techniques we get beyond the conscious mind and tap into the vast reservoirs of the SELF.

Direct experience of the sacred, however it occurs, awakens us to our authentic self in the moment and leads to a tantalising realisation of what may be possible. The benefits along the spiritual path are many, including:

Fear and anger begin to melt away.
Greed and envy dwindle.
Happiness, fulfillment and joy grow.
Peace replaces irritation/agitation.
Love flowers.
Concern for others blossoms.
Wisdom matures.
Psychological benefits include enhanced creativity, greater self-control, self actualisation, deeper empathy and compassion.

Transpersonal Development regards the inner search for and realisation of the SELF as a definite “practice” which given psychic maturity, allows the latent dimensions within each individual to become active. These dimensions can be understood as getting in touch with and accessing , a reservoir of higher qualities which are available to anyone who wants to evoke and develop them by conscious effort through appropriate techniques and training.

What is the PURPOSE of Transpersonal development?

Firstly the word Transpersonal is taken here to imply “beyond the personal (self)” so we are talking about experiences, actions and behaviors that are not normally in the everyday range of the personal self –that is not within its sphere of consciousness.

Secondly in Transpersonal development we are developing the ability to reach full individuation, full authentic functionality, that is awareness (knowledge and awakening) and conscious will (responsibility, freedom, self determination); in short we are working towards achieving our highest inner potential.

For the Eastern teachers and individuals such as Jung and Maslow and many others, the development includes “transcendence”, that is holistic identification with that which is sacred; what is often referred to as Universal Being and Pure Truth.

Where: River Holistic Centre, 10 Main Street, Raheny, Dublin 5.

Cost: €45 Includes Workbook and Inner Temple Audio..

Contact: Ruth 086 1634460 Claire 01 8310888