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Self Care is in your Hands ~ Hand reflexology Workshop

Self Care is in your Hands ~ Hand reflexology Workshop

In this beautiful workshop you will learn some very effective and simple hand reflexology sequences to help with your general well being and looking after particular conditions.

This workshop is open to all with no prior knowledge of reflexology needed as it is intended for personal use only.

The day will comprise of:

  • demonstrations and practical work on yourself.
  • hands on guidance
  • discussion on particular conditions and how to approach them with hand reflexology (migraines, sinus congestion, stress and anxiety, back and neck pain)
  • An open forum for any problems you may have and how to use hand reflexology for them

This workshop is all about self care and wellness and will be set in a very relaxed environment having the chats, learning and leaving with the power of self care now in your hands.

Run By: Claire Kenny

Investment: €100

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Dates: 27th of June and the 5th of September.

Contact: claire@riverholistic.ie for further information.

Below is a video of what to expect from this relaxed workshop:

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